Alliance for Patient Safety

                            All that is necessary for the triumph of evil...
                                                                ... is for good men to do nothing.

                                                                                                   Edmund Burke

How to Get Rid of a "Disruptive" Physician

"Go for the Jugular"

Suspend summarily clinical privileges under false pretense of "imminent danger."

    This triggers automatic reporting of physician to state medical boards, National Practitioner Data Bank, malpractice insurance carriers, medical insurance carriers, .

    The association of a summary suspension with the required "exhaustion of administrative remedies," protracted over many years, assures the demise of the physician's career, without any possible court's intervention. The hospital wins by attrition.

  • AM News Opinion, "Due Process - First things first in peer review," - 06/18/2001

        "Are 37 charges across over 10 years a sign of thoroughness or an intimidation tactic inconsistent with the abrupt nature of a summary suspension?"
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  • AM News Article, "Suspended California physician's hearing put on hold" - 06/18/2001
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  • Letter from Ralph M. Bard, M.D. to Gil Mileikowsky, M.D. 7/23/2001
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